Azadari in Japan
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Islam in Japan
According to our knowledge some momineen family who were stationed in Tokyo in the 1960 established the first Azadari in Japan. It was mostly a family affair some family used to gather together and listen to audio tapes. In the '70's, there was a Pakistan business man Syed Ashiq Ali Bukhari (Late) who initiated first and majlis were held in Mr Nazim Zaidi's residence on a small scale. They used to have majlis in their home from the 7th Muharram till the 12th Muharram. Initially it was mostly audio tapes and later the video tapes were used. This continued till sometime late '70 s when Pakistanis and Iranians workers started coming into Japan. Then with their help the Muharram / Majlis took a more organized Azadari form in Tokyo. From that time onwards each year during Muharram Azadari is being performed.

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